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Festival Bride Photoshoot

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

My ideas always start with one singular element, in this case it was a Fazane Malik dress. Although the dress was originally designed to be worn with a slip I wanted to brides how to take a traditional dress and wear it with a twist.


In my first role as creative directer I brought together a (hand picked) collection of wedding professionals and created the festival bride photoshoot. When most people think festival, they imagine loud music and lots of mud and I wanted to embrace the natural side and think beyond the tents and mud.


I always think its a shame when brides barely touch their bouquet, especially after I’ve seen them gush over it when it arrived, for this reason I wanted our model Rebekah to remain close to the environment and wear plenty of flowers. I painted them on her back, we had a half head flower “crown” and we replaced a bouquet with a large corsage.


Both dresses were worn with a nude leotard underneath instead of a slip, this allowed the bride too look traditional with a modern twist. If you were getting married aboard this would also be a great way of looking and feeling like a traditional bride but remain cool in the sun.


A gold version of the dress was used to encourage brides to consider an outfit change for the evening, a great way of feeling like a good dance and a change of pace.

Makeup was kept soft with peach tones for the day, lifting the makeup with pink cheeks and lips for the evening. A gold line was popped under the eyes as a hint to the evening outfit.


Featured Suppliers.

Makeup and Body Art: ME!

Photographer: Samantha Hook Photography

Hair and Nails : Ashleigh Turner

Bespoke dress’s: Fazane Malik 

Flowers: All Bunched up

Tassel Garland: Indigo Zebra 

Model: Rebekah Hemsley

We impressed the ladies at wedding ideas so much with our shoot, we got a 3 page article and the front cover find them here within my site.

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