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Thursday, June 18th, 2015

In early March 2015 the news told a story of an 80 year old lady who had undergone cosmetic surgery to look 10 years younger –

BBC Radio Nottingham’s question to me was:

Can you look younger with makeup??? my answer was “I can help a lady to feel pretty and confident and if she looks and feels younger, that’s a bonus”.

So one (very) early morning I travelled to Nottingham City Centre to meet Sarah Julian the presenter of the breakfast show, at a Cafe. As I set up Sarah went out with no makeup on and asked the general public “How old do you think I am?” The average Answer was 34, Not bad to say Sarah is actually 38.

sarah-Julian-BBC-NottinghamI decided to give Sarah a natural daytime look to even skin tone and brighten eyes, a look that can be easily done before work or the school run.



To achieve Sarah look I used Bobbi Brown moisture Rich Foundation to even skin texture and add radiance. I finished the base with Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener, This brightens tired/dull under eye’s whilst being a very light product that doesn’t sink into lines or wrinkles.

To open up the eye area I used MUA- Make up Academy  Brow palette to slightly strengthen the brow (at £3.50 it’s a bargain!). I used burnt out from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette on her lid’s and I lined her eye’s with pencil liner ‘Coffee’ by MAC and slightly smudged it, this way you don’t have to worry about a straight line.

I put definition back into Sarah’s Face with a light dusting of Bobbi Brown Golden light Bronzer, I applied this to the sun spot’s but is unessential if you’re not a bronzer girl!. For a summery pop of colour I applied Bobbi Brown’s blush in Dessert Pink.

This look is perfect for the day time pop on some Burts Bee’s Lip balm to smooth lips or make into an evening look with a lipstick of your choice.



With Sarah’s finished look we went back out to see Nottingham general public and Sarah asked “How old do you think I am?” – This time the average was 28.

So yes, We achieved Sarah looking 10 years younger than her real age and 8 years younger than her guessed age, but for me makeup isn’t a mask to be worn in an attempt to fight back the years or hide who we are. Makeup is a fun way to express yourself with a bright pink lipstick or a way to feel pretty and more confident. Day after day I have ladies sit in my makeup chair and say comment’s like “you’ve got your work cut out with me!” , “Can you do anything to cover my dark circles” , “Im sorry you have to see me with no makeup” , “isn’t my skin hideous, and I have spots!” and many many more.

I am guilty of saying comment’s like this myself and it seem’s we are always trying to hide something or make something better. The advert’s for makeup and creams tell us the same and how they can make us appear more youthful or have longer lashes etc etc. Personally I love to see ladies skin under their makeup, I love to see freckles and your real skin colour and all the things that make YOU beautiful. So although I will help you cover your tired eyes and even your skin tone, or even make you look sun kissed, I urge you to love the person underneath and I promise I will try and do the same. x


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