fashion-shoot-applying-makeup-langar-hallAfter completing my training as a makeup artist with the world-renowned Bobbi Brown Cosmetics company in 2008, I went on to join their team for a year, during which I worked as a fully qualified consultant and acquired not only valuable experience but also the desire to broaden my horizons.  I quickly added advanced learning courses on bridal makeup and fashion makeup through the eras to my skill set.  Feeling ready for a new challenge and eager to share my know-how with a wider network, I started my company and set out on my journey as a freelance artist.

My passion for working with colour was first ignited during my days as an art student. Painting the female form required me to learn how to mix colours to represent the skin tones of different ethnicities. I developed a keen eye for body-line, face shape and facial features.  The key to making my painting look natural lay in developing a core colour palette for the skin.  The very same rule applies when it comes to doing a person’s makeup.

It is easy to get lost in the features we consider to be the most beautiful or the most feminine, such as the eyes and the lips, but the rest of the face is just as important. The nose, jaw and cheekbones should not be forgotten as they add beauty and definition to a face.  Top quality products combined with the intelligent use of shading, lighting and texture help me to show a face to its full potential.

In the last 2 years I have gone on to study Fashion and TV, Film and theatre hair and makeup at the world renowned DFMA.